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Welcome to Castcapa Construction's company news page! Check out the links below to see what is happening at our company.

Meeting Room

Erik Petrizzo Interviews With Lasser Law Group to Discuss Roof, Facade & Sidewalk Contracts

Check out the recorded interview of Castcapa Construction's Business Development Manager, Erik Petrizzo, where he discusses construction project logistics, insurance requirements and issues that can potentially delay project completion. Joining him is Stephen Lasser from Lasser Law Group.

Recording Time

Castcapa Construction is mentioned in HABITAT article that discusses Diane Drey's new book about FISP

Check out this article about Diane Drey's new book, which discusses Budgets, Project Management, Contractor Interviews, and so much more. Castcapa Construction is the contractor that conducted work for and with Diane during the restoration at 353 Central Park West.

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