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 NY Building Renovation Contractor
specializing in
Exterior Restoration & Maintenance Services

At CASTCAPA, we distinguish ourselves from competitors by adhering to the contract price​, offering warranties on materials & labor, and upholding the highest level of integrity in our workmanship. That is our mission.

Our Pledge to You

We pledge to perform and fulfill all of our responsibilities at the highest level of excellence. On each project, we promise to provide the highest safety practices, great communication, and strong quality assurance. Our pride is in our finished product, which reflects how we would like it to be if we lived in the residence.


Our commitment is to our clients, aiming to address the scope of work with little interference on their day-to-day activities.

Masondry work
Construction Worker putting safety helmet on

Our primary focus is to complete each job in a timely fashion while ensuring the safety of the residents, pedestrians, and our employees.

CASTCAPA is in full compliance with all NYC Department of Buildings site safety practices.

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