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Exterior Work


447 Fort Washington Avenue

Scope of Work:

  • Brick/Masonry/Sealant Replacement

  • Decorative pointing & patching on Terra Cotta and Natural Stone

  • Steel lintel replacement

  • Stone windowsill replacement (including waterproofing)

Client Feedback:


"From our perspective – The Castcapa team did a great job on this project from the management team to the crew performing the work. We would like to highlight that your team went above and beyond on a few occasions, such as agreeing to relocate scaffolds to different locations without charging for additional mobilization or equipment rentals. The quality of work performed was either in alignment, or above industry standards. Also note that your team continued to communicate issues in advance, which leads to transparency amongst the group as well as allows for problem solving efforts to begin so that we can collectively be in a proactive rather than a reactive position." - Joseph Contreras, Principal Consultant at Rimkus

25 West 13th Street - Facade and Waterproofing

25 West 13th Street – Façade & Waterproofing

Scope of Work:

  • Brick Replacement & Brick Pointing

  • Lintel Replacement

  • Parapet wall reconstruction

  • Scrape, prime and paint fire escapes

  • Replacement of thru-wall A/C sleeves

  • 15,000 square feet of waterproofing installation

  • Coping stone replacement/railing resetting

Client Feedback:


"Castcapa did extensive Local Law 11 and roof work for our coop.  They did an excellent job and followed up on all outstanding items. Castcapa kept the Board updated appropriately regarding the schedule and any issues that arose. We met with representatives from Castcapa on a bi-weekly basis which was extremely helpful. The project came in on time and reasonably within budget, although as the work was being done, issues came up that had to be addressed and this affected the budget. We can highly recommend them without reservation." – Amy Grossman & Michael Puccio, Board Members for 25 West 13th Street Owners Corporation

433 E 56th Street

433 E 56th Street

Scope of Work:

  • Remove and replace existing roof assembly at 10th floor terrace with a new IRMA waterproofing system (Siplast; approximately 2,800 SQF)

  • Installation of new through-wall cap flashing

  • Structural repairs at concrete columns in Bulkhead screen wall

  • Localized installation of helical masonry anchors for pinning face brick to backup masonry

  • Replacement of existing steel shelf angles, including all associated masonry and flashing work

520 W 23rd Street Apartment_edited_edite

520 W 23rd Street

Scope of Work:

  • Brick re-pointing

  • Brick replacement

  • Remove, prepare, and replace deteriorated concrete and reinforcement at all fascia

  • Remove deteriorated sealant at window and/or door perimeter and install new sealant with backer rod

Client Feedback:

"We were pleased with the project & progress. The work was done timely, professionally & within a reasonable budget." – Peter DeCaro, Board President of 520 West 23rd Street Corporation

333 East 69th Street - Facade Repairs

333 East 69th Street - Façade Repairs

Scope of Work:

  • Brick pointing

  • Brick replacement

  • Shelf angle repairs

  • Re-set window sills

  • Coping stone replacement

  • Steel Lintel replacement/repairs

  • CMU repairs

Client Feedback:

"We had an excellent experience with Castcapa Construction on our recent façade project. The team provided weekly updates during the course of the project, performed all work up to the building’s expectations and completed all work within the specified time frame. I would highly recommend Castcapa Construction to any building for their upcoming façade projects." – David Fortunoff, Board President for 333 Tenants Corporation

440 East 57th Street - Balcony Waterproofing

440 East 57th Street - Balcony Waterproofing

Scope of Work: - Balcony Waterproofing

  • Roof demolition & install vapor barrier.

  • Furnish & install new roofing membrane (2 ply 20/30)

  • Furnish & install new cover board and polyiso insulation to match existing R-Value.

  • Install liquid reinforced flashing at perimeter.

  • Install Hanover paver system (including installation of adjustable EPDM pedestals).

40 East 61st Street - Facade Restoration

40 East 61st Street - Façade Restoration

Scope of Work: - Balcony Waterproofing

  • Face Brick Replacement

  • Masonry Pointing

  • Cross-Joint Caulking

  • Remove & Re-set windowsills

  • Remove & Re-set coping stones

  • Scrape, prime and paint lintels, railings, and windows.

Parkchester South Condominium

Parkchester South Condominium (2021 – 36 Metropolitan Oval; 1380 Virginia Avenue; 1430 Parkchester Road; 1491 West Avenue; 1521 Unionport Road; 1575 Odell Street)

Scope of Work:

  • Brick Replacement

  • Mortar repointing

  • 2-wythe steel lintel replacement with waterproofing and new brick replacement

  • 3-wythe steel lintel replacement with waterproofing and new brick replacement.

  • Steel corner rebuild with waterproofing and new brick replacement

  • Steel column rebuild with waterproofing and brick replacement

  • Parapet Replacement, including installation of expansion joints

  • Sealant replacement

  • Remove & replace roof system with a new SBS modified bitumen system

  • Furnish & install new Kynar finished aluminum coping cap at bulkheads.

  • Furnish & Install new railings.

165 East 32nd Street

165 East 32nd Street

Scope of Work:

  • Brick Replacement/Pointing

  • Corner Brick Reconstruction

  • Shelf Angle Reconstruction

  • Window Sill Replacement

  • Concrete Patching (Horizontal & Vertical)

Client Feedback:

"Our overall experience on the facade work by Castcapa was excellent. The scheduling was great, the weekly updates were timely and on point and the two schedule delays were entirely due to outside events. We are pleased with the end result and shareholders were delighted that all of the work was finished so quickly.  The punch list went smoothly and furthermore all terraces and common roof deck were put back together impeccably as promised. All in all, a great result." – Silvana Vlacich, Board Member.

"Castcapa is always a pleasure to work with. Project management, responsiveness, quality of work and timing is always a top priority for each team member there. Byron house had been a successful façade restoration project, even with a few delays along the road. Client is happy, Falcon is happy – you can’t ask for more!" – Danylo Varakuta, PMP, Division Manager of Building Envelopes, Falcon Engineering

200 East 27th Street

200 East 27th Street

Scope of Work:

  • Parapet Reconstruction

  • Window Sill Replacement

  • Sealant Replacement

  • Parging of Concrete

  • Reconstruction of the Bulkhead screen wall

  • Window Glass Pane Replacement

Client Feedback:

“As a building manager, working on any capital project can be challenging. This is even more true when the work requires significant façade repairs, across a large residential building, in the height of a nation-wide pandemic where the majority of residents are working from home.  However, after working with Castcapa during my building’s recent FISP cycle, I just wanted to say that they were truly a pleasure to work with. The workmanship was of a very high quality, they were always in compliance with DOB and City regulations, and were accommodating to all of our resident and staff concerns throughout the entirety of the project. I would certainly recommend them for future projects.”James Gallagher, Managing Director, AKAM

114 West 27th Street

114 West 27th Street

Scope of Work:

  • Restoration of existing sidewalk, structural slab, vault, and steel curb.

  • Application of waterproofing and fireproofing as per specifications.

  • Furnish & Install new Bilco doors with SS Hatch

Client Feedback:


“Castcapa did an excellent job attending to the numerous details in this complicated project.” – James J. Blum, From Joseph K. Blum Co. LLP Consulting Engineers

353 Central Park West

353 Central Park West

Scope of Work:

  • Brick Replacement

  • Parging Concrete

  • Coping Stone Replacement

  • Sealant Replacement

  • Bulkhead Restoration

  • Limestone Patching & Replacement 

Client Feedback:​


"We had an excellent experience with Castcapa and would highly recommend working with their team. They delivered on all their promises, staffed the project appropriately, and most importantly they came in ON TIME and ON BUDGET."Diane DreyPresident - 353 Central Park West Condominium Association

44 East 67th Street

44 East 67th Street

Scope of Work:

  • Brick lintel replacement and restoration

  • Brick masonry replacement

  • Brick masonry pointing

  • Window perimeter sealant replacement

  • Meticulous cutting of mortar joints to prevent cutting or spalling existing brick masonry

  • Lintel and shelf angle restoration

  • Brickwork in progress showing weep holes, masonry ties and liquid applied reinforced flashing membrane

424 West 110 Street

424 West 110th Street 

Scope of Work:

  • Re-skinning entire exterior brick masonry façade

  • New brick masonry to match existing

  • New lintel/shelf angles

  • Parapet wall reconstruction

  • New pre-cast coping & windowsills

  • Install weather barrier

  • Expansion & soft joints

  • Flashing

  • Mortar net

  • Veneer ties

  • Weep  

201 West 70th Street

201 West 70th Street | Roof Replacement & Waterproofing

Scope of Work:

  • Asbestos roof abatement

  • Roof replacement

  • Install new structural dunnage beams

  • Removal & resetting of dislodged granite stone panels

  • Removal, waterproofing and resetting of granite plaza granite pavers and granite paver joint grouting

  • Overview of the new 20-years warranty SBS-Modified roofing system with liquid applied reinforced membrane flashing system

  • New Structural Dunnage Beams

10 West 66th Street

10 West 66th Street | Roof Replacement with precast paver system

Scope of Work:

  • Full “Rip-Out” of existing roof system and replace it with a new liquid-applied reinforced roof assembly system associated with a 30-years NDL (No Dollar Limit) warranty.

  • New overburden system comprised of drain mat, rigid insulation, filter fabric, pedestals, and pavers.

  • New thru-wall flashing and parapet railing system.

  • New metal cap flashing under existing coping stones.

Terra Cotta Restoration

Terra Cotta Restoration

Scope of Work:

  • Terra Cotta patching work

  • Existing Terra Cotta units scheduled to be removed, restored & reset.

  • S.S. reinforcement installation

  • Decorative Terra Cotta patching

  • Terra Cotta spall and crack repairs

161 North 4th Street - Door Threshold Flashing

161 North 4th Street (Brooklyn) - Door Threshold Flashing

Scope of Work:

  • Balcony pedestrian

  • Reinforce waterproofing

Other Various Restoration Work

Scope of Work:

  • Stainless Steel metal flashing

  • Structural spandrel beam replacement

  • Parapet wall reconstruction

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