Who we are

Leader in Exterior Restoration & Maintenance Services

Established in 2014, CASTCAPA Construction, LLC, specializes in all aspects of exterior envelope restoration and preservation of facades, roofs, waterproofing, below-grade waterproofing, plazas, parking garages, sidewalks, vaults and a full range of other services.

Every exterior façade project brings its own unique challenges. Our team consists of dedicated Engineers, Architects, Construction Management with vast hands-on experience offering a unique perspective, outside the box solutions and attention to detail to ensure a successful outcome of the project. We are unusually committed to our Clients and go great length to provide the highest quality service.


It's Always WE

Castcapa's interests lie with our client. Our goal is for our end product to exceed customer satisfaction. We want our work to meet your needs as if we occupied the residence.

Be Humble & Kick-Ass

Every day we bring it! No matter the obstacles, we bring it every day. We strive to be better, no matter how many projects are successfully completed

Be Green & Lean

We utilize our resources to their full capabilities. Without charge to our clients, we go a step further to reuse or recycle materials and resources.

Educate To Transform

We educate our employees not only on the scope of work but professionalism, courtesy to clients and ensuring Castcapa's philosophy is followed.